both1Rhema Word Restoration Ministries is a bible based ministry which believes and operates in the five – fold ministry. We teach the saints to stay open to what God is saying and never get stuck with what He has said. In doing this, one will stay open to the present words of God and not become traditional in their worship. We understand that Christianity is not rule based but is focused on relationship. The rules are just to keep us safe and to foster an atmosphere for healthy relationships with God and man.

We are a very exuberant group of people in our worship to God but at the same time, are very informed which is why we express ourselves as we do. We believe that the Lord wants to make Himself known in every service so we expect some manifestation of Him in Word or in Deed whenever we are assembled. Rhema has experienced healthy growth while at the same time maintaining the sense of family among us. One service with us can definitely change your life for the better and push you into the place God has ordained for your life.

You will experience the manifestation of the book of Acts demonstrated with a 21st century expression.


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