1. The fear of the Lord will began to be ushered back into the body of Christ.

2. We will see more deaths of entertainers, politicians, and religious leaders unexpectedly.  Vengeance is mine says the Lord and He will repay due reward to the unrighteous in this hour as well as reward the righteous with proper payments.  Many are being offered an opportunity to repent as I share this.

3. A prayer burden will increase in the body of Christ.

4. More worldwide unexplainable and unexpected natural disasters will be seen.

5. The uncovering of some controlling systems designed to manipulate our present and future culture.

6. Many situations will take place that will be agents of wealth transfer.

7. The long awaited revival of this area will begin to pick up more steam (major numbers of people accepting Christ will take place).

8. More testimonies of people claiming to have seen angels will be uttered.  

9. The gifts of the spirit will be heightened in believers and notable signs and wonders will take place for the glory of God.

10. The economy will stabilize some and there will be less volatile changes as the year progresses that will really benefit the believers.  The systems that will go into effect will be of God but are not a permanent fix. 

11. New Leadership will take office in every arena.  Some long time unrighteous principalities will fade off the scene by scandal, sickness, death, or loss of favor.

12. The fears of what will happen with N. Korea will not be as bad as many first thought, but caution still should be taken in dealing with them.

13. Keep your eyes on Russia and former President Gorbachev.

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