1.      This shall be a year of turnaround for the believer and downtrodden.

2.      This is going to be a year of rebellion and upheaval. Also, you’ll see people begin to stand up against oppression that has come against them.

3.      You’ll begin to see a shift in the area of government and economics. God is still setting up this new government that He started establishing in 2012.

4.      You’ll begin to see other transitions take place in different sectors of life. You’ll begin to see a lot of things that have been going one way turn and go opposite way. God is turning the tables so that He can get the glory.

5.      You’ll begin to see things as it pertains to the occult being heightened.

6.      Make sure you pay allegiance to the true prophets. The enemy wants to stifle the mouths of the true prophets.

7.      The Lord will begin to increase those spiritual things. People will begin to be enlightened about certain things spiritually. People are not going to want just religion but they want some type of encounter.

8.      God is going to cause those who are unbelievers to be very uncomfortable by different circumstances that will begin to manifest. He’s doing this to push them in a place of salvation. He is buffeting them. In days to come, God is going to show is hand in a great way. People will be driven further from God or closer to God.

9.      This will be a year of testing and proving. God is trying to get the best out of His people.

10.  As we transition into 2014, you’ll begin to see things for a vast amount people stabilize. They’ll be great increase for those who are believers.

11.  You’ll see a lot of people begin to preach the gospel with passion.

12.  2014 will be a year of great favor, great grace, and great faith. Revival will take place. Families and communities will start coming unto God.

13.  In 2014, you’ll see a redevelopment and recreation in different systems of the world. The systems that we have now will be different.

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