1. Shall be a year of stability coming back to many

2. Shall be a year of increase and double for the believer

3. Shall be a year that the Word of God will be shared by many with great passion

4. Shall be a year of grace, favor, and faith for them that have their hearts towards God

5. Shall be a year of recreated or redeveloped systems

6. Shall be a year of the Spirit (supernatural debt cancellations, healing, safety, etc.)

7. Shall be a year for the believer to war with the Word to bring back order and righteousness

8. Shall be a year of sealing for many (them that are in sin will get stuck there having the conscience seared while those living for God will become more zealous).

9. Subliminal messages through the media will increase unlike ever before. They will continue to propagate their opinions and ideas and attempt to force them on us.

10. The church world will be attacked even more but this will cause the true church to stand up and grow.




1. God will be seen through man in a major way

2. Major repentance shall take place

3. Year of addition

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