1. This will be a year of Evangelistic Thrust.
  2. This will be a year of Revelation.  God will reveal Himself to those that seek Him.  This will also be a year of great demonstration through the Spirit.
  3. I see the death of a great preacher of the gospel due to age and health challenges.
  4. I see a number of warnings and deaths for those preachers who do not adhere to the warnings of the Lord that came to them due to the fact that they have erred from the faith teaching heresies. This will be done to save the souls of many in the body of Christ that they may not believe a lie. 
  5. In the gospel music arena, there will be a great shaking and unexpected tragedies due to the lascivious presentation and anti-Church presentation dishonoring the message and person of Christ.
  6. The economic system will maintain strength and many will return to poor stewardship while those that hear the Voice of God will continue to disconnect themselves more and more from this world’s system by becoming entrepreneurs and living a greener life style.  For the economic system will crash, but not yet.
  7. This year the spirit of distraction shall increase in the life of those that choose not to spend time with the Lord on the consistent bases for the enemy shall use this as a tool of leading them into error.
  8. This is a time where we must keep a renewed mind for the enemy will cause many to desire to commit suicide by making them feel hopeless, and others will contemplate walking away from the Faith.
  9. This is an increase season of Judgement on the Body of Christ.  Don’t lose hope for we shall come forth strong and powerful!
  10. Isis shall continue kicking up dust and terror attempts shall be plotted for US, Israel and their allies but with no major success.
  11. I also see another group making political noise but it will only be a distraction that will die down quickly. 

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