Below is a copy of a letter Dr. Parrott sent in 2002 to followers of his ministry:


December 10, 2002

Dear Friend:

                How are you? I pray that my letter reaches you doing well. I know that since our last opportunity to fellowship together, you have been going higher in God. I know that everything has not gone the way that you wanted it to go but God was in the midst of it all. The prophet Isaiah lets us know in 54:15-17 that God created all of our troubles, but not to destroy us. Just know that it is just a created trail.


                I have been praying for you as I told you that I would be, for I count it an honor to be your Spiritual Watchman. Because of this responsibility that God has given me, I am to want you that which is to come. Ezekiel 33 lets me know if I don’t warn you then the blood is on my hand but if I do and you don’t take heed to the words, I am released from that burden and the blood is then on your head.


                God is doing a great thing in the earth. He is allowing trial to come in our lives to see if we truly love Him for who He is or for what He has done and is doing for us. By doing this, He is showing us where we really stand when it comes to Him. While in the place of trial, the devil has slipped in acting as an angel of light as we read f him doing in 2 Corinthians 11:14. This means he acts like he is of God and brings us what we think we need at the time. Be careful, try the spirit and make sure that it is of God before making a move.


                The Lord has showed me how the devil has been trying to trap you by offering you things that you want and think that you need. Remember it is not always the big things that get us. Song of Solomon 2:15 tells us about how little foxes can spoil the vine. This means little things start small but can and will get larger and larger until it destroys if it is not dealt with. Jesus told Simon that Satan desired to sift him as wheat but He prayed from him that his faith would fail him not. He wants to take from us little by little so that we will not miss anything until it was too late.


                The Lord told me that the spirit of the antichrist has already come and paved the way for him. That is why we have so many people in this day that confess Christ but don’t express Him in their actions. Remember warning comes before destruction. There has already been a person to allow a computer chip to be put into his forehead in the world. This is talked about in the book of Revelation 13:11-18. The mark of the beast will be placed in the forehead and the back of the right hand. This mark will be 666. The number 6 represents complete darkness.  So you see the devil wants to take us into complete darkness. This is a sign of the last days. 2 Timothy 3:1-7 tells us what else we can look for as the return of Christ draws near.  My friends keep your eyes on the events in the Middle East for that is our time clock. Finally, be careful of what you and your family watch, read, and listen to. The antichrist, when he comes into power, will take control over all media. He will do this so that he can tell you only what he wants you to believe. Know this that before anything manifests its spirit is always released first.


                My time is up for this letter but I pray that this letter has been a blessing. If you desire, which I pray that you will, help me carry this message to others who may not be aware of wheat is going on.  You can do so be sending a check or money order with your best love gift payable to Rhema Word Restoration Ministries or RWRM. This offering is tax deductible. If you are unable to send an offering, write back and let me know if I have been a blessing to you or not.


Until next time this is your beloved partner and friend. God Bless You!!!


Pastor Carl D. Parrott

Send to: Rhema Word Restoration Ministries c/o Dr. Carl D. Parrott

1913 Bentely Ct. Columbia, SC 29210


After having read the letter, think about some of the popular shows you've seen: Scandal, Preachers of LA, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Big Freedia, The New Normal, and Modern Family just to name a few. We are now seeing the manifistation of what God was sharing with the Body of Christ almost 11 years ago.

1.      This shall be a year of turnaround for the believer and downtrodden.

2.      This is going to be a year of rebellion and upheaval. Also, you’ll see people begin to stand up against oppression that has come against them.

3.      You’ll begin to see a shift in the area of government and economics. God is still setting up this new government that He started establishing in 2012.

4.      You’ll begin to see other transitions take place in different sectors of life. You’ll begin to see a lot of things that have been going one way turn and go opposite way. God is turning the tables so that He can get the glory.

5.      You’ll begin to see things as it pertains to the occult being heightened.

6.      Make sure you pay allegiance to the true prophets. The enemy wants to stifle the mouths of the true prophets.

7.      The Lord will begin to increase those spiritual things. People will begin to be enlightened about certain things spiritually. People are not going to want just religion but they want some type of encounter.

8.      God is going to cause those who are unbelievers to be very uncomfortable by different circumstances that will begin to manifest. He’s doing this to push them in a place of salvation. He is buffeting them. In days to come, God is going to show is hand in a great way. People will be driven further from God or closer to God.

9.      This will be a year of testing and proving. God is trying to get the best out of His people.

10.  As we transition into 2014, you’ll begin to see things for a vast amount people stabilize. They’ll be great increase for those who are believers.

11.  You’ll see a lot of people begin to preach the gospel with passion.

12.  2014 will be a year of great favor, great grace, and great faith. Revival will take place. Families and communities will start coming unto God.

13.  In 2014, you’ll see a redevelopment and recreation in different systems of the world. The systems that we have now will be different.

1. The fear of the Lord will began to be ushered back into the body of Christ.

2. We will see more deaths of entertainers, politicians, and religious leaders unexpectedly.  Vengeance is mine says the Lord and He will repay due reward to the unrighteous in this hour as well as reward the righteous with proper payments.  Many are being offered an opportunity to repent as I share this.

3. A prayer burden will increase in the body of Christ.

4. More worldwide unexplainable and unexpected natural disasters will be seen.

5. The uncovering of some controlling systems designed to manipulate our present and future culture.

6. Many situations will take place that will be agents of wealth transfer.

7. The long awaited revival of this area will begin to pick up more steam (major numbers of people accepting Christ will take place).

8. More testimonies of people claiming to have seen angels will be uttered.  

9. The gifts of the spirit will be heightened in believers and notable signs and wonders will take place for the glory of God.

10. The economy will stabilize some and there will be less volatile changes as the year progresses that will really benefit the believers.  The systems that will go into effect will be of God but are not a permanent fix. 

11. New Leadership will take office in every arena.  Some long time unrighteous principalities will fade off the scene by scandal, sickness, death, or loss of favor.

12. The fears of what will happen with N. Korea will not be as bad as many first thought, but caution still should be taken in dealing with them.

13. Keep your eyes on Russia and former President Gorbachev.