Dr. Parrott is available to visit speak at your next event.


RAPTS (Rhema Apostolic Prophetic Training Seminary) is designed to prepare ministers or tentative ministers for the next level of ministry. They will be trained and instructed in various techniques to be more effective in ministry and taught the diverse theological ideas and concepts.  Ultimately, they will be encouraged to challenge these ideas and concepts in hopes to become a greater defender and proclaimer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Roaring Pride

Roaring Pride is a group of ministers who have been trained or in the process of being trained, mentored and validated by Dr. Parrott.  They have displayed an appropriate level of character, integrity, along with spiritual and natural maturity with soundness of the word and have been graced with a level of God’s anointing and gifting.  Any of these ministers would be a blessing to any event or ministry assignment.

T.R.U.E. Fellowship

TRUE (The Reforming Universal Ecclesia) Fellowship is an apostolic covering comprised of an apostolic network of churches, ministries, and like-minded leaders. It is designed to provide supportive strength to existing churches, plant churches, ministries, and leaders through relationship, mentorship, fellowship, networking, counsel, and support. In addition, the Fellowship focuses on providing relational accountability, apostolic covering, while challenging the covenant churches, ministries, and leaders to discover their purpose, birth their God given vision, and fulfill their God given assignment.

Rhema Community Restoration Development

This is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that was established to assist the ongoing needs of the community and surrounding areas, primarily directed towards economically disadvantaged people through emergency relief and long-term social transformation projects.  In addition, the focus is also on supplying the youth with a balanced recreational, social and spiritual program that teaches life skills, leadership coaching and financial management. Implementing and coordinating educational services will also be inclusive. There will be programs to help reveal individuals’ personal gifts and talents to move from just being an employee to entrepreneurship.  The functionality of this nonprofit is still in its beginning stage.